Return from hiatus – 2016 in review

It’s almost been exactly a year since my last post. I wasn’t planning on having a year-long hiatus, I just didn’t feel the motivation to write much of anything really. Hopefully I’ll be more active in 2017 though. Writing about media stuff I consume is actually very rewarding, once it’s written that is.

So…what did I do in 2016? I’ve played a lot, watched a lot, read a bit. Here I’ll go into things in minor detail one by one:

My gaming of 2016

My TV watching of 2016

My reading of 2016


Blog Update

Oh man oh man, feels like an age since I last had a look at my blog. What’s up?

I found a really well written blog called “Excerpts from the life of Rao Dao Zao”. Made me wanna continue writing this blog.

So anyway, what’s been going on since June? I had gone on hiatus on all my gaming for a few months due to real life circumstances. Up until the end of the year, I’d played and completed Persona 3 Portable (finally! took me 3 years!). I also played and aborted Wasteland 2, Witcher 1, Guild Wars 2, had a phase of CS:GO (excellent shooter. Best competitive shooter of all quite likely). Oh, I started a YouTube channel as I wanted to dabble in recording gameplay. If I get a good mic, I might even try Let’s Play. I really enjoy Let’s Plays. The url is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaT9cYo049A3v7OZOQvrFwg

I’ve had a really enjoyable iron man campaign as the King of Leon in Crusader Kings 2. Man, that game is a beast.

At the moment though, I’m really enjoying a phase of old-school CRPGs. Currently in the penultimate mission of the “dead man’s switch” campaign. I’m going to pen my thoughts on that in the next blog.

Also, I’ve really enjoyed completing both The Wolf Among Us AND Season 2 of The Walking Dead. I binged on them once I had access to my gaming PC, so that’s why my reviews for TWAU episodes were interrupted. I’m pretty sure I’ll write up a lengthy blog musing on Telltale’s style in general. I’ve really enjoyed episode 1 of Game of Thrones. Reeaaally looking forward to episode 2.

Thanks for reading, and hope to gain more readers this year!