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Hi my name is Dolgion and I'm from Mongolia. I'm a webdeveloper/android-dev/wannabe-game-dev and independently occupied. This blog is mainly about game design and theory, but since my profession is in the IT field, there will be some articles about the technological side of the projects I'm working on as well.

Checking in to look back at 2017

Dust is gathering on this ‘ere site. A blog per year is still a regular release cadence right? Jokes aside, I’m really only writing when I feel like it. I’m considering some changes around here.

Anyway. In 2017, I’ve made it my aim to read more and play less and that’s reflected in my media consumption. I started out with a goodreads goal of 12 books in a year, one each month, which I didn’t accomplish. For many book nerds, that’s a pathetic outcome I bet. There’s people who read a hundred books in a year! How do they find the time!? I’m a slow reader anyway and don’t make that much time. It’s not my primary hobby.


I read The Princess Bride, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Architect’s Apprentice, Crime and Punishment, Dune, The Gene and Mockingjay (reviews in the links). Most of the books I liked, but The Gene was the most satisfying read. It woke my interest in a new field of study and scientific books. I’m currently finishing up Hit Makers.


In terms of gaming, it’s been a year of starting and beating a single game: Pillars of Eternity. I started out in February after the Figstarter for Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire began. I figured the sequel looked very promising, and still not having beaten the first one, I jumped in for real this time. It’s a long, epic CRPG and took me around 7 months of on and off playing. I would play intensely for a week or two and then take breaks. I just burn out easily on these games.

Apart from Pillars, I played to the midpoint a bunch of games: Borderlands 1, Bioshock 1 Remastered, Batman Arkham Asylum, KotoR 1 and others I can’t think of right now. Also, I’ve kept playing my favorite roguelikes on occasion: Spelunky, FTL and Isaac Rebirth.

Looking forward

I’m loathe to end this blog. I enjoy writing, but at the same time it often feels like torture to be honest. When I play a game, I often get a rush of things I want to say RIGHT NOW, but once I open up an editor to write things down, my feelings have subsided and it’s a real effort to get myself back into that headspace. It sours me on the experience of the game. I would love to have a Pillars of Eternity review that eloquently presents all my opinions etc., but actually writing that review would be a huge struggle, I just know it. As a side effect, I’ll be tired of even thinking about that game and that’s something I really don’t want.

I also don’t know how much interest there is in other content than reviews. I’m just a tiny little plankton in a vast ocean. It feels like it makes no sense to spread out over books, movies AND games on this blog. So I’m thinking of focusing on a specific type of content: game reviews, and especially RPGs, since they’re my favorite genre. I’m almost always in the middle of playing some RPG (most often it’s multiple) and my backlog is overflowing with classic and more recent RPGs I want to get to. I want to focus on reviews, but in a more flexible manner. I like how in Goodreads you can update your current progress in a book with a short comment. Over the course of the read, it’ll resemble an actual review, often an even more accurate representation of the experience because it’s more immediate. It’s quite possible that that’s the best format for me.

Lastly, I’m going to rearrange the furniture here. The site design could do with a couple of changes…

Wish you all a healthy and successful 2018!


My reading of 2016


I’ve got an account on Goodreads, and as you may know, every year you can set yourself a goal of how many books you want to read. I fell well short of mine (4 out of 12) but the ones I did complete I’ll briefly talk about:

5064Pillars of the Earth and World Without End by Ken Follett

I actually finished Pillars of the Earth at the very end of 2015. Both it and World Without End are about a minor fictional English town called Kingsbridge during the middle ages. Pillars follows a cast of characters of varying backgrounds whose lives become connected in different ways. The story has at its core the struggle of building a cathedral in Kingsbridge, but there’s a lot more meat on this bone. It’s an epic story of love, hate, intrigue, politics and spans a lifetime.

World Without End takes place some 200 years after Pillars, has an entirely new cast of characters who have a loose connection to the original cast (some are descendants of some key characters from the original). (more…)

My TV watching of 2016


I’m of the opinion that we are in a great age of TV. Multi-season, continuous narrative story telling is now truly matured and to my tastes a better experience than feature length movies. That’s not to say that films aren’t a viable story telling medium anymore, just that I find I get so much more into TV shows these days. Here I’ll go over the shows and films I’ve watched this year:

Better Call Saul Season 2

“Is it as brilliant as Breaking Bad?” is a moot point. Better Call Saul is a different animal, and in its second season it’s come into its own nicely. Both shows have a similar base line – portraying the change of their protagonist into their ‘evil’ alter ego – but they go about it in such different fashion. That’s all because of how different the two men are. Walter White’s change is much more drastic, so his story poses a much more dramatic chain of events, whereas we can already see Saul Goodman in Jimmy McGill quite clearly. His arc isn’t as extreme, but it’s nuanced and very subtle. People will say that this show is boring, but to me it’s still great fun and fascinating to see watch. His relationships with Kim and his brother Chuck are complex and a whole lot of tension is created from it. It’s just that it doesn’t manifest in explosions and killings like in Breaking Bad, but in great verbal battles one after another. The final episode of the season masterfully sets up things to come and I’m really looking forward to it. (more…)

Return from hiatus – 2016 in review

It’s almost been exactly a year since my last post. I wasn’t planning on having a year-long hiatus, I just didn’t feel the motivation to write much of anything really. Hopefully I’ll be more active in 2017 though. Writing about media stuff I consume is actually very rewarding, once it’s written that is.

So…what did I do in 2016? I’ve played a lot, watched a lot, read a bit. Here I’ll go into things in minor detail one by one:

My gaming of 2016

My TV watching of 2016

My reading of 2016

Mark of the Ninja Review


I actually completed another game the other day! Mark of the Ninja had been on my plate for months; I’d play it intensely for a few days, then my attention would inevitably wander off to something else. That’s nothing against this game though, because now that I’ve beaten it, my verdict is this: Mark of the Ninja is the best stealth game I’ve ever played. (more…)

Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series Season 1 Review

TTG_GoT_Logo (1)

That’s a mouthful huh? Maybe they should’ve just gone with “Game of Thrones Season 1”. It worked with “The Walking Dead” just fine, didn’t it? Anyways, this is my verdict for Telltale’s first take on the Game of Thrones franchise.

Game of Thrones + Telltale = IMSOHAPPYOMG

I’ve been heavily into Game of Thrones since the TV show’s first season. I read the first book while watching season 1, finishing it before I even got to the last episode, and went on to read the rest of the released books. It’s been my escapist fiction of choice and the most engaging fictional universe since Harry Potter. When I heard that Telltale were making a companion game series, I was just overjoyed. If you’re like me, you should be very happy with the game that came out of it. The ASoIaF universe always felt like a perfect fit for the writing pedigree of Telltale, and I wasn’t disappointed. This might well be my favorite Telltale game so far. (more…)

How I learned to stop worrying (about P2W & RNG) and love the Hearthstone


A few weeks ago, I decided to throw myself into Dota 2. A mixture of admiration for its design and the bad feeling that I was left with from my time with the original Dota were reason enough. It was about getting over my negative bias which I’d gotten because of stuff that had nothing to do with Dota itself. So I did. I actually really enjoyed my time! But I’m at peace with the game. I’m still bad at the game of course, but I learned to have fun in it nonetheless. In any case though, I’ve stopped again.

It’s all because of (duh!) Hearthstone. Much like with Dota, I can’t help but admire this game’s design. The crucial, crucial factor that effectively made Hearthstone replace Dota for me is its lower demand for my time. Overall, probably, I’m investing about as much time as I would into Dota, or any “hobby game”. But single matches take 5 – 10 mins tops, and this gives me more agency over how I spend my time. I can choose to spend my entire Sunday wrestling on the ladder, or quickly do 2 matches to finish a daily quest before bed time. Also, I can play on the PC and my phone. So it’s perfect for lunch breaks. It’s a game that’s just much more compatible with my life style.

I didn’t jump into it all full force though. It’s been a year and half since Hearthstone launched, and even before that, it had a lengthy beta, so it’s been around a while. This means there’s been a couple of expansions, and the card pool is quite daunting for people starting out now. I’ll address some of these concerns that I’ve had myself. (more…)

Daredevil Season 1 Review


I’m not the biggest fan of superhero movies, especially Marvel. I just didn’t grow up with the comics or cartoons. I think Captain America is a ridiculous, almost embarrassing creation at face value. I watched the first Avengers movie and thought it was unimpressive. Last year I bought into the hype and watched Guardians of the Galaxy and left the theater with a big “meh”. (more…)

Blog #16: Everybody’s playing Fallout 4 and I’m just getting to New Vegas (also Baldur’s Gate 2)


Work’s been a demanding mistress these past two months. Suffice to say, I worked the weekends and overtime. I write for this blog in the office, but the workload has been such that I couldn’t get myself to spend any energy towards updating this here site. I’m really hoping my current project will be successful, it’d make life a whole lot better! (more…)