Blog #11: Back in the groove and forthcoming posts

I’ve been away for a few weeks, which was nice. Time to take a step back and do something else from the usual grind. Well, not that much different, as I managed to see some films and read a book. There’s a ton of stuff I’m queuing up to write about, so here’s an outline.

Usagi Drop stole my heart

maxresdefault (2)

I might have mentioned it before, but I’ve been on a frustrating search for a good slice of life type anime or manga. I did not expect however to find an anime that would break into my favorites when I checked out Usagi Drop. Let me give it to you straight: Usagi Drop is an 11 episode long series adapted from a manga. It’s about Daikichi, a 30 year old guy without his own family. Upon his grandfather’s death, he learns at the wake that grandpa had a child with a mystery woman. The kid is a ~6 year old girl named Rin. The whole family is embarrassed by the situation, and when they started discussing where to send Rin to live, Daikichi steps up to become her guardian. Usagi Drop’s story revolves around the struggles and joys of raising a child in modern Japan. It’s got great characters, and mostly lives by just how likable Daikichi and Rin are. The storylines in the episodes are really light, low-key fare, so it’s really easy to watch. It’s all very happy and heartwarming and that’s something I really liked. It makes for a great contrast to all the heavy stuff I usually enjoy (Game of Thrones, etc.). There’s a sincerity in Usagi Drop that seems to have become really rare these days. A big, big recommendation from me.

Been on the cyberpunk trip


I had never seen Blade Runner. Now I have. Rather than write a review for the film, I’ll be writing more about cyberpunk and some thoughts on the concepts in general. After seeing Blade Runner, I saw Ex Machina, which is my favorite film this year so far. Considering that I’m also watching Cowboy Bebop right now, as well as playing Shadowrun Returns – Dragonfall and looking to play Snatcher, I’ll be on a real cyberpunk trip for the foreseeable future. A little series of posts might be the best way to put thoughts to paper. By the way, I loved Blade Runner on an intellectual level, and the same with Ex Machina.

Actually read a book


I had been reading Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea on and off for weeks, so during vacation it was time to wrap it up. This was one of the best reading experiences in my youth, and it was interesting to see how I liked it so many years later. A traditional review for this one is forthcoming. Let me just say that it’s still a great book, but it’s lost its sheen after the re-read.


A turd of a movie this is, Big Hero 6

Pixar and Disney Animation Studios are on different levels. After the lame Frozen, I hoped that Big Hero 6 would be an improvement, but it just showed me that I just fundamentally dislike Disney’s style of animation. That this film was awarded with an Oscar when it was up against Princess Kaguya, nevermind the snub for the Lego Movie, is beyond me. A deconstruction of what makes this movie so bad to me will also be written.

Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series is Telltale’s best offering


I was finally able to really delve into Telltale’s game set in Westeros. I’m hugely – HUGELY – impressed and even though the final episode isn’t out yet, my feeling is that this is the best game Telltale has made since The Walking Dead Season 1. Of course, I’ll wait until I’ve played the last episode to deliver my verdict. So far though, this was an amazing experience.


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