Delver Early Access Impressions


A quick impressions post today on “Delver”. It’s a first person roguelike dungeoncrawler on PC. It’s in early access on Steam at the moment and I just picked it up on the Humble Weekly Bundle: Roguelikes 2.

It’s a game I stumbled upon while browsing Steam a while ago and it really looked like a game to watch. So to my delight, this sale comes along and I just had to pick it up at that low price. 

After giving it a play I just gotta say: what a lovely, charming game! The art style is beautiful, like the little brother of Ultima Underworld and Daggerfall. That it’s a roguelike and thus has far more replay value is very promising. I haven’t played it long enough to give a real verdict (and it’s also still in Early Access), but from what I’ve played I certainly fell under a spell there.


While it’s clearly got lo-fi aesthetics, it feels like a streamlined version of Skyrim’s dungeon traversal. It captures this feeling the same way Eldritch feels like a lo-fi version of Dishonored. Delver so far has the right balance between simplicity and intriguing depth to its systems. You run around whacking baddies like bandits or jellos with your dagger/hammer or shoot at them from distance with bows or magic wands. And it feels so good in its chunky way, especially the wands, thanks to the screen shaking. It just has weight to it.

The graphics, as you can see in the video on the humble bundle page, are really polished as well and it at least doesn’t look like a simple beta. The cutesy character designs really grew on me immediately. Developer updates seem to be coming relatively frequently. The last big one was in October last year, but apparently the developer discussed future changes in January. Hopefully this game will see the light of full release soon.

Official site:

Steam page:


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