The latest Persona 5 trailer is looking fantastic

Oh my god, get hyped. The first gameplay footage for Persona 5 was revealed and it looks amazing. The art is as stylish as any Persona game before it, with a strong red and black motif. Overall, I think this is going to be a darker game than the previous ones. It looks like the main protagonist (“glasses-kun” as he has been christened by fans) will be the leader of a vigilante group. Thieves fighting the good fight for their ideals against a corrupt establishment? I can totally get behind that! That’d be a really relevant topic to tackle. One of the strong influences seems to be Arsène Lupin, an anime character from way back in the 70’s. He too is a thief and anti-hero with a good heart (checkt out Hayao Miyazaki’s adaptation Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro). Man this is all sounding really promising.

Crucially you can see the “new” in game graphics. I say “new” because this is pretty much the engine and style used in Atlus’ other PS3 game Catherine. I’m loving it. It’s so…next-gen for a Persona game.

Just look at these shots!

Persona 5



Anyway, I wish I had a PS4…this is going to be a system seller!

More info can be had here:


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