Double Fine Adventure “Broken Age” makes me happy I donated

So after a year of waiting, Double Fine has finally revealed the name and a trailer for the fabled point and click adventure in the classic vein. The name is Broken Age. Having been funded on Kickstarter and, uh, kickstarting a whole wave of classic game comebacks it seems like it will be great and justify the faith put in Double Fine by the fans. I’m one of the backers and secured myself a digital copy of the game. Tim Schafer is one of most creative game designers in the industry and I’m a big fan of the classic Lucas Arts adventure games, so it was a no-brainer to support this game. As an added perk, as a backer I get to watch regular episodes of the documentary made by 2 Player Productions on the process of making the game, as well as interesting mini docus called “sidequests” in which the focus is one various topics involving Schafer and Double Fine. Here’s the trailer to Broken Age:

What strikes me immediately is the really pretty art style, and it really does have the artistic handwriting of the man called Nathan “Bagel” Stapley (@natelbagel)who Schafer explicitly wanted to give the visual direction. There’s also the theme of duality, of the boy and the girl separate plotlines that they’ve been discussing throughout preproduction. It’s fascinating to follow the making of this game, and gets me more and more excited to finally play it myself.

Visit the website


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